wedding beauty

A lot of brides want to look their very best on their wedding beauty day. In order to look and feel your best on your wedding day, you shouldn’t only be taking care of your body, but also your skin and your hair.

Since planning a wedding can be quite stressful (not to mention destination weddings!), your skin is the first to show signs of stress. It’s normal to lose some shine in your skin or to get the occasional spot when you’re under a lot of pressure. But it your skin is healthy and has a great immune system, it’ll be able to resist the negative effects better.

So the same way you’d have a workout plan, you can create a beauty plan to make sure you look healthy and radiant. We’ll talk about skincare plan in another blog, today I want to focus on any extra beauty treatments you’d consider getting done.


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I always recommend trying every beauty treatment a few months before the wedding to see if you like the results. The last thing you want is to look orange from your spray tan or have a tight expression from Botox.

4-6 weeks before:

Teeth Whitening

If you are planning on getting your teeth whitened, go with a professional. That way you can ensure the best results and avoid any pain. You want to be able to eat that wedding cake with joy!

4 weeks before:


Any type of facial, exfoliating treatment, or laser treatments should be done by a professional and no later than 4 weeks before the wedding. This prevents any reactions or allergies on your day. If you get any procedure done by an esthetician, make sure you follow their aftercare advice. Usually, they will give you soothing creams and creams with high SPF.


If you’ve never had Botox done before, I’d recommend you skip it. If done well, it can help eliminate fine lines and soften wrinkles so make sure if you really do want it done, to test it about 6-8 months in advance and consult your doctor on what’s the best type of treatment.

Gradual Tanning

If you want that bronzy glow, gradual tanning is a good choice, just make sure you do it well. Be aware that tanning cream clings on to dry skin and gets stuck in lines on your skin, so wash your hands thoroughly after! As always, a professional service will prevent any mishaps.

1-2 weeks before:

Hair Cut/Color

Talk to your bridal hairstylist to make sure you don’t trim off too much hair before the wedding because it may influence how your hairstyle holds up. A word of advice; layers are not advisable for any style because they will make the strands of hair fall out. Highlights and low lights (if done well) can enhance your hair color and bring dimension.

Permanent Hair Extensions

If you’re planning on getting permanent hair extensions, you need to test them out before. If done well, they can give you gorgeous luxurious hair that would make even Rapunzel envious.

7-3 days before:

Brow and Body Waxing

Any waxing should be done prior to the wedding so you don’t get redness or bumps. Give your skin some time to calm down.

Spray Tan

Most spray tans last for up to 14 days so make sure to get them done in the Goldilocks rule: not too soon not too late. Most professional spray tanners will have several color options to chose from, so make sure you do a trial to know how strong you want your tan to be.

1-2 days before:


You should give our nails enough time to dry down completely, but not so much that they chip. Permanent colors like Shellac might be a good option.


Yes, this is definitely part of your beauty routine! A good massage will give you that relaxed glow and happy feels. Why not treat yourself, you only get married once!

I hope you found that list helpful and you can plan your wedding better!

Until next time,